Terran Trade Authority anyone?

When I was young I was given a book called Spacewreck. It’s the second book in a series of Terran Trade Authority books, these big format hardback art books are full of amazing science fiction artwork by the likes of Chris Foss and Peter Elson amongst others. The imagery from these books has always stayed with me, and I have collected a few more over the years.

When I first saw No man’s Sky, without knowing of the influences for Sean and the team at Hello games, I was instantly struck by the feeling that this game was set in a universe I understood and knew. The screenshots I saw and the videos posted brought memories flooding back and made me incredibly excited.

This screen shot in particular…


the colours and the ship felt familiar, as if I’d seen it before, from another angle perhaps. I imagined a skeleton in the cockpit, a smashed windshield. perhaps it felt like this painting from Spacewreck…

510This is why I’ve fallen in love with the vision of No Man’s Sky. Finally it feels like the Terran Trade Authority universe may come to life in a way I never dreamed possible as a kid.

Is No Man’s Sky really the Elite that Elite Dangerous isn’t?

There’s a lot being written about No Man’s Sky at the moment. Unfortunately a lot of that is fairly critical, or at least wildly diverging on whether it’s a success or a disappointment. Personally I’m somewhere in the middle. I am enjoying the game for what it is, but also feeling a bit let down that some of the more ambitious features didn’t make it in. For me I feel that the vision may have been compromised by the limitations of the platform and the size of the team/time frame for development. That said, I AM enjoying the game, and … Continue reading

The Useful Information Post

If I think I might need it later, chances are someone else may need it too. I’ll compile everything I think is useful information about No Man’s Sky in this one post for the time being. later I may break it up a bit but for now this is what we’ve learnt so far. Some of these may rely on bugs or undocumented features, so use at own risk and be prepared for them to be patched out. A lot of these tips have been gleaned from the Reddit sub /r/nomansskythegame where known I have credited the person who submitted … Continue reading