One Day To Go!

While some got in very early, and PlayStation players in other parts of the world got on board today, us poor bastards in Australia still have a day to go before we can officially get our hands on no Man’s Sky.

It’s been a long wait. At first it seemed like something unknowable, and far enough in the distance that the waiting was easy and it was a game to look forward to. However in recent months the frustration at now yet being able to play the game became palatable! The leaks made me anxious to get my hands on a copy of my own, but instead I took the high road and reduced my No Man’s Sky exposure. Limiting the Reddit posts I looked at and visiting the same less often than before.

Now, with less than 24 hours until I can play the damn game I’m ready damn it, give it to me! I’m excited to play something unlike anything I’ve played before, a game that I hope, and expect, will be game changing. I’m going to explore options for sharing my discoveries, definitely here of course, but possibly also on other sites if it’s easy enough to do so.

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