One Day To Go!

While some got in very early, and PlayStation players in other parts of the world got on board today, us poor bastards in Australia still have a day to go before we can officially get our hands on no Man’s Sky. It’s been a long wait. At first it seemed like something unknowable, and far enough in the distance that the waiting was easy and it was a game to look forward to. However in recent months the frustration at now yet being able to play the game became palatable! The leaks made me anxious to get my hands on … Continue reading

All The Planet’s of No Man’s Sky (So far)

In an incredibly industrious effort, YouTuber Fantasyze has created a 10 minute video showcasing all the planets that have been shown in No Man’s Sky footage to date. The video below is an incredible journey through some stunning landscapes, though unfortunately it’s unlikely that these will ever be seen in the retail release, as the seed used to generate the universe will be a new one. Still, sit back, full screen it and enjoy. Continue reading

Did They Stick to Their Guns

So I was reading an old article today, reminding myself of some of the earlier information that had come out about No Man’s Sky, and some of the titbits that Sean Murray has let slip. Over time I’ve picked up the feeling that they’re making a game for adults. A game that wont hold you hand, that could be boring at times, and doesn’t spoon feed you. All this though could be a really hard sell for people that just don’t ‘get’ it. In this article at Eurogamer there is a lot more talk of multiplayer than you see in … Continue reading

Simon Stålenhag’s Tales from the Loop

If you, like me, love the art of No Man’s Sky then there is a good chance you’ll also like the work of artist Simon Stålenhag. I’d first seen some images of his on various web sites, most likely Pinterest or similar some time ago. Then one day I found out about a kickstarter project to produce a book of his artwork. That project was Simon Stålenhag’s Tales from the Loop and I was onboard immediately. Simon’s vision of an alternate reality is compelling and beautiful. It’s well worth looking him up, and you can check out some of his … Continue reading